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martedì 28 febbraio 2017

Freemasons purchase Defibrillator for Community Centre

 for HFT at Greenfield  Centre

HFT is a national , with an autonomous branch operating at Greenfield Community Centre on Green Lane in Blackburn. HFT is responsible for the operation of , hire and subletting of the facilities at the centre.
HFT provides services for people with learning disabilities throughout the local area. Providing support from a couple of hours a week, to 24 hours a day. Services include Supported Living, Residential Care, and Short Break services. They empower people to make their own choices, including finding a job, building friendships and relationships and participating in activities.
Greenfield Community Centre is a multi use site that benefits the . Within the centre there are community activities that include , drama, IT, Catering and Dance. There is also a community café and user groups including Yoga, Tai chi, Archery, Majorettes ,Karate and a Pensioners club. There is also a fully operational Children’s nursery.
Due to the large footfall and the vulnerability of some of the service users of the centre along with the activities that they are involved in the need for a site defibrillator to potentially save a service user’s life was established.
An application was made to the East   Charity for the funding of a defibrillator, a storage case and training. The total grant was for £1120.00.
After the defibrillator had been delivered to the centre ’s Deputy Chairman WBro David McGurty skilfully installed the case whilst the  WBro Mike Stubbs provided less skilfull support.