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martedì 28 febbraio 2017

Wearing the Tercentenary jewel

Wearing the Tercentenary jewel
Wearing the Tercentenary 
There are a few rules relating to the wearing of Tercentenary Jewel which can be worn from the 24 June 2016.
The Jewel can be worn by any member of  who is a member between the 24 June 2016 and 31 December 2017. It can only be worn by Master and above. Anyone initiated between those dates can purchase the Tercentenary Jewel but will not be eligible to wear it until they have been raised. The Jewel can be worn by Master , Masters and  and .
The  Jewel should be worn closest to the centre of the body and it is recommended that the Tercentenary Jewel be worn along from the Jewel. It would therefore take precedence over a ’s or Founder’s Jewel. The Tercentenary Jewel should not be worn at Royal Arch .
The MW Pro  in his address at the  in June 2016 encouraged Grand Officers to wear the Tercentenary Jewel during the Tercentenary year and that they should continue to wear it in perpetuity if they so wished.