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venerdì 12 maggio 2017

Spanish Freemasons of Oliva La Safor Lodge continue to support the Gandia Hospice

The photo shows the  of , WBro Ian Skipper with the  Steward, WBro Jim Jordan with some of the donated items.
On Tuesday, 21st of March, the  of Oliva La Safor, WBro Jim Jordan, made an urgent appeal for help from the  of the  to assist, once again, the  of the Gandia Hospice. The need was, as always, for basic items which most of us take for granted including clothes, food and items for hygiene purposes.
By Tuesday 28th of March the Brethren had collected, and donated, a huge pile of items for the residents, including shirts, trousers, sweaters and much more. There was a huge amount of long life foodstuffs such as rice, pasta, sugar and tinned goods, all of which will make life just a little better for these aged and infirm people. Also much needed hygiene equipment such as soap, deodorant, razors, shaving crème and much more.
These items are so little to us yet so much to those who don’t have them and have no means of getting them. These items and more will be donated to the Hospice in the near future.
If you feel able to help by donating a few unwanted items, or perhaps by buying just one extra item on your shopping list, or if you would like more information about , please contact me on the email address given below. Many thanks.
WBro William Turney Press Officer
 of Valencia