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lunedì 27 marzo 2017

Freemasons of Santa Faz Lodge No 48 make further donation to Aspanion.

Freemasons of Santa Faz  No 48 make further donation to Aspanion
On Saturday, 25th March a Strawberry Fayre was held at The International Club in  and  Committee gave a lot of their time freely and voluntarily in full support of this needy cause.  The idea was that everything for the Fayre had to be based on the theme of strawberries and those who contributed showed a great deal of initiative in the wide range of goodies they prepared, from strawberry pavlova, strawberry cakes, strawberry tarts, strawberry jam to strawberry and meringue skewers for the chocolate fountain. (Why wasn’t I invited?)  ðŸ™‚
At the end of a well attended Fayre a few remaining items were auctioned and a grand total of 172 euros was raised – this is in addition to the more than 2000 euros which have already been donated.  This was again donated by the Santa Faz Lodge N48 towards their  appeal for this year, which is ASPANION – a sadly much needed  for Children with Cancer at Alicante General Hospital.  
Our thanks go to everyone who made something for the Fayre and to those who gave their generous support.
Should you wish to learn more of this worthy charity or perhaps would be interested in  please contact me on the email address given below.